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Everything you need to know about our product

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Prefab Stairs

Prefab Stairs can be ordered through your nearest located hardware store. Check the Retail Outlets page to find your nearest hardware store.

Prefab Stairs Pty Ltd prides itself in the quality of stairs produced. Over the past 15 years, our company has utilised this time to perfect a stair that meets both building regulations and suits applications of domestic or commercial nature.

We know the stock range of stairs may not suit all applications, which is why we also offer stairs "Made to order". We can modify the heights and widths, stretch a stair out to meet existing posts or shrink a stair back all to suit your exact measurements.

Apart from meeting building regulations and preparing for the future, Prefab Stairs Pty Ltd has also introduced a new innovative aspect to the Prefabricated Stair. All stairs manufactured now come standard with a 70mm Slip-Resistant Reeding.

This new tread design has been an outstanding new addition to our product, and is only one of the many additions proposed to be available. (Stairs are still available to order without the reeding).

To see some examples of the Prefab Stairs product, you can visit our gallery page. For further information please head to the FAQ page or feel free to contact us!

How to order

  1. Determine height and width required (a stock stair may suit, or you can customise your exact requirements).
  2. Choose your material type.
  3. Take your measurements to your Prefab Stairs stockist.
  4. Have your stair quoted and place the order.

Customised Orderings

Ordering a set of Prefab Stairs to fit your requirements is as easy as taking two measurements (height and width).

Measure the width of your stair

A simple sketch is provided to guide you through the measuring process and to ensure that what you order, is what you get.

Click here to download the Customised Ordering/Quote PDF and also, download the Rise Guide PDF which will be of use when placing your order.

Timber Available

Please Note: All timbers used in an external application must be protected with a suitable timber oil. See the Stair Care PDF for further information.