Common ordering questions & their simple answers

The following FAQ’s are a guide only, If you do require assistance in ordering the right stair, please feel free to call the office and we will be more than happy to guide you through the ordering process.

For help with assembly and installation, click the Our Stairs link above.

Q. What is the minimum and maximum heights for a single flight of stairs?

A. The minimum height is 230mm (115mm Rise) to a maximum height of 3420mm(190mm Rise).

Stairs cannot be manufactured with a rise below 115mm or exceed a maximum rise of 190mm.

We can manufacture a stair to suit any height between 230mm -> 3420mm.

If you require stairs to suit a height greater than 3420mm you will need to use 2 stairs with a landing to suit.

Q. Can I order stairs wider than 990mm?

A. Yes, we can manufacture stairs up to 6000mm in width.

All stairs with a width over 1200mm will include a center support.

Additional center supports will also be included for wider stairs.

The center support is used to strengthen wider treads, and prevent timber flex.

Q. How far will my stair extrude from the deck/landing?

A. This is called “total run”, “the run” or “the going”. The run is calculated by multiplying the number of treads required by the stair going. Eg. 9 Treads x stock stair going (250mm) = 2250mm

Note: there is also an additional 100mm of stringer that exceeds the bottom tread. Eg. 9 Tread x stock stair going(250mm) = 2250mm + 100mm = 2350mm (Total Run)

Q. I need my stair to meet existing posts, concrete pad?

A. This isn’t a problem at all, if a stock range stair doesn’t meet your requirements, we can modify the height, width or even the going, to meet existing structures.

Eg. Need to meet posts 2500mm from deck?

9 Tread x custom stair going (278mm) = 2502mm + 100mm = 2602 (Total Run)

The additional 100mm will allow you to attach the stairs to the existing post.

Q. Can I have a tread depth greater than 255mm?

A. Yes, we can manufacture stairs with a tread depth up 355mm.

A tread depth over 290mm will be split tread.

Eg. 2 or 3 pieces of timber will be used to make up the required depth.

Q. Can you manufacture stairs to suit elderly or mobility impaired people?

A. If you require stairs to suit the elderly or mobility impaired, please let us know. We can lower the rise to make it much easier to walk up and even increase the tread depth to allow for a safer travel up or down.

Q. I have purchased a custom stair, assembled it, and now have thin timber pieces left over?

A. Those thin timber pieces are called fillets. You have ordered a custom stair with a rise above 170mm. The fillets are used to reduce the gap between treads. The gap between treads needs to be 125mm or less. For further information on installation of fillets, please head to the Assembly and Installation section of this website.

Q. Do you supply handrail to suit?

A. No, currently we do not supply handrail, only stairs. We are however working on a handrail package to suit our prefab stairs.

Definitions Simplified:

Height: The measurement from deck to ground level.

Width: The overall width of the stair (including stringers).

Overall Run/Going: The distance the stair will extrude from the deck/landing.

Tread Going: The horizontal depth of one tread on a staircase.

Fillets: Thin timbers lengths used to reduce the gap between treads.

DAR: Dressed all round timber.

Unseasoned Timber: Timber that has not been kiln dried. Only air dried

KD: Kiln Dried timber

BCA: Building Codes of Australia